Security Access Controls

Meeting the growing demand for building safety

Security Access Controls

Modern safety concerns have caused building security to evolve from little more than a reception desk to sophisticated access systems for employees and visitors.

Today’s building managers need to know who is in their facilities at all times and to limit the access of those individuals to areas they are authorized to enter. Facility Automation Solutions will help you identify the system configuration that’s right for your facility and to ensure that it continues to meet your evolving security needs.

We provide employee badge systems, visitor management and door-entry controls that allow you to provide as much or as little access to each individual — or group of individuals — as is necessary to support an efficient work environment without compromising the security of people and property. Recordkeeping systems provide you with valuable data on who is in the building and when.

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Our systems also can provide threat-level management, so that areas of your facility or campus — or even the entire complex — can be locked down in the event of a security threat. Today’s sophisticated access control systems can even coordinate with temperature and lighting controls to turn off systems when people leave a room.

The mission-critical nature of security systems increases the importance of having a reliable partner like Facility Automation Solutions working with you to ensure your system’s effectiveness and reliability.

Security Access Controls

Key benefits of automated security access systems include:

  • Improved occupant safety
  • Greater control over facility access
  • Rapid response to heightened threat levels
  • Building occupancy monitoring and trend reports
  • Integration with automated temperature and lighting systems

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