Consulting Services

Lower energy costs and optimized operations

Building Technology/Efficiency Audit. With detailed information about your building’s systems control technology, you can budget effectively for maintenance or upgrades that will improve comfort levels, provide additional functionality and lower energy costs.

  • Experienced service engineers evaluate building technology and assess the need for updates and maintenance.
  • Scope of the audit is customized to your needs.
  • Evaluation of energy efficient enhancements to the system, such as night temperature setback, discharge air reset, scheduled occupied and cooling tower water dew point reset.
  • Action list with priorities is presented, including a return on investment (ROI) calculation.
  • Additional graphics and reports for accessibility to energy and real time cost data.

Indoor Air Quality Audit. A clean indoor environment contributes to high-quality building operation and the productivity of building users. Our mechanical engineers specializing in HVAC and controls are uniquely qualified to provide a thorough audit and a recommended action plan.

  • Audit provides a snapshot of the building’s air quality status to assist with decision-making about possible actions.
  • Evaluates temperature, pressure, CO2, relative humidity, air flow changes and more.
  • Helps to define target levels of indoor air parameters.
  • Customized for each site, performed on site, and reported via Web interface.